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Adele Verga 

Adele Verga was born in Catania in 1955 and at the present time resides in Riposto, a nearby city.
Right after getting her laurea in Biological Science, she started working as a secondary school teacher.
The approach to painting goes back to the time of her youth. The complete dedication to art that has characterized these last years, has brought the artist to participate to many art exhibitions in several countries.
The absolute protagonist of her works is landscape: woods, skies, water and clouds.

National and International Competitions (medals and plates):


Trophy "Trinacria Aurea", Association Athena - Catania (1/12/2001)


International competition, Breil Sur Royal France"(medals) May - Sept. 2002


XIV National competition "Claudio e Luca Zanetti" medal of the province of Bergamo (30/6/2002)


International competition "F.Salesi" - Sanremo (14/9/2002)


Plates for International competition "La Fenice" (November 2002) - Palermo.


Plate for National competition, Association "G.Toma", Nardo'- Lecce (22/12/2002)


International art exhibition at museum "Palace Duchi S. Stefano" of Taormina (8/3/2003-13/3/2003),


International art exhibition at "Villa Genovesi" museum, presentation made by the art critic Dr M.T.Prestigiacomo -S.Alessio, Messina (22/2/2003-2/3/2003) presentation by Dr. M.T.Prestigiacomo


Plates for national exhibition "il Castagno dei 100 cavalli" - S.Alfio,Catania (3/8/2002-8/9/2002)


Published on the art catalogue ACCA 2002-2003


In many of her paintings skies and clouds originate anthropomorphous, zoomorph and mithological figures.



Art Critique:
If there weren't, at the bottom of each painting, eloquent titles explaining the aspirations of a woman, of an artist characterized by exact connotations of sensibility and desire to "tell herself", one, at the first approach with the works of Adele Verga, could gather only the signs of a serene landing to sentimental spaces able to become a safe shelter from alarming and inexpressed loneliness. The careful analysis of all the paintings, will easily persuade that, in addition to the delightful suggestion of the calling immages, there is the direct indication of "painting" as mean of recovery of certitudes that have the flavour of a future on which to direct her personal ability to be "an artist", that is a creator. To the art criticism, then, the task to avoid a careless or inattentive reading of the art of Adele Verga, surely she is not "one of the many artists".

Dr Guglielmo Gigli